Benefits of a Second Citizenship

The journey to obtaining a second citizenship or a new residence is one that is different for every person, and at Passport Legacy we can advise you on the best course of action to suit your individual objectives.

The Benefits of Residence and Citizenship-by-Investment

Acquiring an alternative residence or citizenship has become a popular topic among many wealthy individuals and families.

Many clients choose these programs to take advantage of visa-free travel for business and pleasure, to diversify their investment portfolio and thereby optimize their tax structures, to gain more personal security with a plan-b due to volatile economic situations, or to educate their children in Europe.

The core benefits of these programs remain, despite each of our clients having a slightly different goal. Through these programs, we are able to tailor a solution to meet our clients’ specific needs and ensure that they reap the greatest benefits and opportunities available.

Visa Free Countries

With your second passport, you will be able to travel worry-free, visa-free.